Thursday, October 28, 2010


OPERATION INDIAN OCEAN: the Eurasian rim is due for some major changes while china continues to widen its spheres of influence, building ports in other countries that surround the Indian ocean while china explode with growth and building India remains poor and unfocused on the true prize of the 21st century.insisting on rivalries of the 20th century with Kashmir  and Pakistan and who knows who else.with two nations in the bric in close proximity to the Indian ocean expect this region of importance to not be overlooked by many all the while china builds a nonoccupational region of influence just by sheer economic might and industrial projects. which is good  because if there is a country that can defeat the caliphate it would be china being they are communist heathens. ah china got love them, anyway in other parts of the world the word is Russia plans to quadruple its forces in the Caucasuses .which should increase its problems with Islamic extremists who happen to live there and have called for a emirate of caucauses. also apparently the Mexican drug war has evolved into a more terrifying event in the world with the drug gangs now murdering and executing patience in rehabs centers not to mention the random killing of innocents civilians. further  establishing their control among many Mexican cities. these days seem flow of challenges and chaos and with the great american empire loosing it's hegemonic authority of the globe it seem that war and strife are going to punctuate this century.  the future maybe here today but it will sure be here tomorrow     heres a picture of what it may look like ...............................................

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

new tape from bin landen surfaced Wednesday warning France about it's secret war against AQIM and it's national oppression of muslims i.e. banning the hijab. plus lets face it the french  always had a beef with fashion .speaking of the french it looks if parliament has passed reforms which means the protest will continue
could this be where the first world water war will be fought things are heating up on the nile mainly due to lack of cooperation and post colonial treaties

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Germany joins the experiment

welcome Germany to the other news there is the new bullet train from shanghai

and still France riots................................................................................................................................

the quote of the day comes from a French activist " what ever the government does the streets can undo"

Monday, October 25, 2010


As we all live under the same sky, it seems inevitable that the masses will stop the madness which is society.The experiment has failed society is disastrous yet the experiment continues as we search for the utopia. all around the globe the minorities in power create bloodshed for the ones being controlled (the masses) from traffic laws to trade laws the established way of life is so set that it seems inevitable as well to collapse in upon itself just to finish the experiment.

does it seem to anyone else that war is every where with this new type of war just criminals and thugs starting shit all over the place from Jamaica's christopher coke and mexicos drug war or any other conflict that is taking places these days the profiteers are creating conflict to profit and a dangerous loop is already created in place of a vicious cycle.................


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

infatada and the war of civilizations?

the "GLOBAL JIHAD" as i like to call the "WAR ON TERROR" is a terrifying situation the world finds itself in today,not to mention the new enlightenment of the poor who are finally realizing their wealth and demanded more from the governments which control them, then there is also the not really new idea the "globalist agenda" which is part of the intelligent/financier coup that has happen in america and Europe.with a burgeoning "CURRENCY WAR" on the horizon will the people of the 21st century never see peace and stability? As the most free of the world trade their liberties in for security it seems inevitable the world populace is heading for despotic times.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

and then there is Australia

So congratulation is in order now that Australia has joined the experiment. and they joined it big time matching the Canadians all time contribution  in one day or two. go ozzies !

 the Swiss Finnish. so the worlds longest tunnel is done THIS PICTURE LOOKS LIKE A SCIENCE FICTION BOOK COVER.

With the France under the grips of protest I wouldn't be surprise to see the mumbai style attacks occurring since there is the very real chance according to the intelligence that that would be the next style of france is on the frontline of the magrehb and has recently declared war against AL qeada
 ideaologues have always posed the greatest threat to the survival of our species belief is a power thing!

Friday, October 15, 2010

new to the experiment

welcome to the experiment sri lanka and india we look forward to finding out more about guerilla activity in both your countries

south lebanon,Mali

read that the iranian president visited southern lebanon and it shocked me not because it was so close to isreal but because what is in southern lebanon didn't the isrealis bomb the shit out of it recently.but i guess this means hezbollah is in control there which means iran is. so is iran a hedgemonic regime?

the G8 is meeting in mali to discuss and boost efforts on magrehb front unfoutunately algeria couldn't make it .it's pretty ballsy to have the meeting in Mali isn't it since that is where aqim has strongholds.i bet that is the reason why algeria couldn't make it too.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

post 453

the french passed a new law which allows them the ability to strip foriegn born nationals thier french nationalities if the are convicted of carring out violent crimes agaainst police officers,wierd with this and the roma thing not to mention all the protests that are happening thier will we see martial law


i just like this picture, it makes me think about the solitude of fighting a war in a strange and foriegn land

Monday, October 11, 2010

history breaking news

the neatherland antilles are no more. as of 10-10-10 the dutch antilles ceases to exsist leaving the islands of st.maartin and caurcau more autonomous than ever before so come on and let the good times roll.

Friday, October 8, 2010

post 884

the swiss work to build worlds longest train tunnel

also appearently the border patrol has shot anouther unarmed teenager as the border becomes unstable due to dracoian drug and immagration laws. the incident is the second time in 4 mounths. so residents of eagle pass start helping out your fellow immigrant until he or she can maintain a citizenship
eagle pass usa
militants hit nato fuel depot in pakistan

toxic sludge flood

toxic sludge flood sounds like sci-fi but it is real what a 21st century style calamity welcome to the future. i geuss almost 2500 acres where inudated with caustic materials the effects of this flood is anybodies guess here is a direct quote from a resident of one of the hardest yet villages the village of Devecser

" All I know is that if I spend thirty minutes outside. I get a foul taste in my mouth and my tongue feels strange" 
                Barbara Szalai Szita

  so they are sasying the toxic flood has reached the Danube river now and the river seems to be able to absorb the toxic material and there will be not major effects of the spill, I doubtfully believe that  thhis area is screwed and will probable have to be abondon just because of the likelyhood of everyone getting cancer.this area should use this tradgedy for a chance at becoming a new place to store toxic waste a twentyfive hundred acre  global toxic waste storage area. cause lets face the more advance we become the more hazardous waste we create the toxic age is finally here ushered in with a toxic sludge flood.

american experience

as i awoke today i found myself thinking of my early childhood and how my respect for the political world was forever shattered.the year was 1988 and I was just a lad my school was doing a "fake" election to see who the kids would vote for i believe it was bush I and dukasis. my parents being both poor one a australian immigrant and the other a misouri country boy living in rural illinoise during the regan years where needless to say staunch i was expected to vote for dukasis but when the day of the schools election happened i was coerced by my friends to vote for bush 1. already feeling lousy about being so percievable to peer pressure but now i would have to tell my folks who won the election and never be able to tell them who i voted for, for fear of disapointing them. the sheer machinations of the political system forced me to be pressured, created a secret in the family and disapointment in  myself. who needs that! but even at back then it was easy to tell the system was broken we as kids had no problemo trading our votes for favours to other kids and stuff curruption ran amok during that fake election so it only made sense the the grown ups would be doing to we where only playing like adults. plus it was the 80's ,standing in the cheese line it was real easy to tell we had a government and it was every where. big and intrusive determining the fate of us all. who needs that!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

denmark joins the experiment

The  eighty-fourish experiment continues, with denmark joining  the viewed. as i did last time when we recieved our first hit from canada i will display my lack of knowledge on denmark unfortunately i know very little of the danes(not even sure if they are danes) so i have heard of jutland and believe autonomy could work there and I as well as ever one else knows that legos come from there so i don't know much about denmark here are some pictures of hungary after a toxic sludge flood

Sunday, October 3, 2010


  1. When is it appropriate to wage a war for succession?Well the answer of the oppressor will always be never,and the same is true for the radical for it is never to soon. but always and never are absolutes and  absolutes are absolutely untrue. Riddle me this,is a economic win fall reason enough for succession? because California sitting at # 14( maybe) in world economies and a large border on the pacific ocean would allow California to pursue its own policy of trade and global economic dominance of the pacific along with other pacific nations.Further succession from Texas would be encourage  to create open trade and to create another   super state. Texico (or tejhao)absorbing the northern bordering states from a collapsed and ruin Mexico because of a disastrous war against the ruling criminal syndicates.. oops i started daydreaming again anyway so where was I  oh yes when is it appropriate to wage a war for succession?

Friday, October 1, 2010

post 593.-?>345

the experiment countinues.but i haven't checked the stats as of yet.Soletsout whats going down with these seemingly global austerity cuts that many government are facing. unrest has and is countinually on the rise.europe might be in for some lean dark years welcome to "clock work orange" as the youth stew in hatred of the powers that be and witness mass protests in the streets.look at france if ytou don't believe me full on war against al qeada the deportation of the roma( which i think has some to do with security issues due to thier not so secret war against al qeada.shame on the U.S. for calling them frogs and enjoying our freedom anyway to ecuadorian coup attempt here are some photos i got from the bbc
police station:rebel cops opened fire on thier government loyal counterparts
yeah geuss there was a gun battle. i guess they are calling this a coup attempt by the police  citizen i guess are rioting and looting  even confronting the rebel cops with counter protests
police riot against austerity cuts in ecuador which leads to coup attempt

unrest breeds the perfect surroundings for change