Monday, September 27, 2010

monday morning

this morning i began to ponder on when did this  global war against us start.truly i do not know but to me it seems we have been operating hostilely since i first became interested in global going ons even looking back through out the last 40 years you can see a uptick in undeniable aggression on both sides of the spectrum, from Algiers to supporting Israel. the west as well as the Muslim"terror networks" or holy warriors if you will have been itching for this war it's here now  but how can it be won? the secret war turned hot during the long expensive cold war.  During this period the non Muslim people committed a atrocity against the Muslims. the soviets invade Afghanistan.a massive killings happen the America manipulates its way into the war hoping to give there long time nemesis a bloody nose they succeed in that but due to sloppy leadership and ignorance of culture the Americans bungled relation with the Muslim here leaving all these Muslims fighters that came to fight in Afghanistan a network.meanwhile America starts giving arms to Iraq so Saddam Hussein can prolong the Iran Iraq war. to assure Iran couldn't wouldn't influence Afghanistan because the iranians had just gave us a big F-you at the time with them throwing out our man the Shaw. yet another aggression committed by the west...anyway i have digressed the current war has some serious roots and is probably goin to take a long bloody time before it is all resolved. fortunately the vicious tactics of our enemy forces reasonable people to the surface who want this horror to end.still this also takes time take Somalia for instance.were are just finally  

starting a new policy to the north of the horn because it is at least succeeding in holding something together.Somaliland and Puntland  are cool and we should do more to support them helping these two countries would eventually allow them the ability to handling there southern neighbor Somalia. also i hope with our new attitude to recognizing new African states maybe we can foster a trade and labor cooperation between south Sudan  and these two there is awesome potential in the long overlooked areas  that the Jihadist have claimed as the caliphate from the Maghreb to Indonesia there is a lot of p[laces which have long been ignore by the non-Muslim world are now becoming base camps for our enemy  coincident i think not. Mogadishu has fallen give it up already  let AL shabbas have it . lets see what they can do with it shit!  i would hope our policies realize this is a Muslim country  but a badly damaged one. along as the AL shabba doesn't start purging the land and starts some massive killings they should be busy rebuilding the heavily damaged capital

our continually persistent to see these new countries in Africa succeed is tantamount to a peaceful world of global stability. unfortunately it is not hip to be a nation builder in these times when it is so desperately needed.i would hope to see in the 21st century a new age of globalization where differences are but aside like religions are in secular societies and we began to consolidate manufacture with travel and labor creating giant markets staffed with overseas employees including Americans and genuinely trying to make the world a more efficient place for humanity. but maybe i am  just hopeful for next century.

let al shaba have that place maybe giving them a chance to fail

Friday, September 24, 2010

the president of the united states met today with ali osman taha and silva kir the acting president of south sudan at a u.n. sponsored meeting regarding the january ninth referendumm.appearently ole barrack obama supports the cpa and even called for its rapid implementation.among other things discussed was the dystopia darfur and the overall lack of efficency of the u.n. in managing countries on the breaking point. the u.n. currently has upto 30,000 troops stationed in the sudan more than any where else in the world. go figure one of africas biggest shitholes is in the hands of the u.n. anyway.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

south sudan votes on january ninth on the referendum of seperation and creation of a independent nation of south sudan. leaving the north viable to islamic extremist from the likes of AQIM to AL SHABBAS futher sowing the jihadist bran of turmoil and insurection through out africas north and further creating territory for the caliaphate.with that said the international community should start rolling up thier sleeves and get ready for some old fashion nation building work there is just a viable oppertunity for the non jihadist folks to establish a strong and vibrant country in one of the worlds worse areas,hopefully the international community doesn't just let it die on the vine as it has done with so many other african nations. here is not only a chance for a strong and free nation to prosper but it is also a chance for the rest of the world to do something right by africa.

new attacks by AQIM  in algeria kill two in remote control bombing,meanwhile france stands on high alert of possible terror attacks
thousands have reportedly fled fighting between the yemeni military and Al qaeda link fighters government forces have appearently moved into the village of hawta with tanks and amored vehicles and the majority of the village was reported fleeing there has been some reports of the military shooting indiscimanetly at fleeing residents
so lets see alqeada is fighting a war in algeria, mali,somalia, yemen,not to mention afganistan and i am sure there are scores of other places

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The maghreb. seems as if Al qeada has a new terrirtorial objective unification of the maghreb under a milatant islamic rule. the threat the milatant muslim plays is quite signafacent and may well be a force of change in africa and other mulsimm nation. but as the miliatants increase thier tacticts in the maghreb instabality increases which is key to the jihadist agenda a pan islamic caliphate. with the government of the maghreb currently fighting milatants from mauritainia fighting in mali to AQIM abushing local police officers in algiera this will be the next hot spot as the milatants try to connect  the caliphate

Saturday, September 18, 2010


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 so this is a picture of some crazy city in China. Chongqing i believe is the name of this place and i don't really know much about the going ons in this city i do however really like this picture.know with that said lets move on to some other stuff like the fact Britain has a tea-party beware people the tea party scare the shit out of me because they seem to be reckless and a little to gun-ho to legally overthrow the government.they seem the perfect tool for the American Anglo Empire to have there world government proxies. the scariest thing about all of this is the people in the tea party really believe in what they are doing but unfortunately they too are being manipulated to further concrete the globalist agenda. the globalist are a tricky bunch because it is so many manipulated cogs in a already broken systems of governance.the mastermindery of the globalist agenda is the fact most globalist don't even realize they are but instead believe they are changing the current system for the best almost like a tricked nationalist.things are looking bad with Europe looking more and more like a place boiling with hatred towards Muslims. hopefully we don't see such horrors as pogroms against the Muslims as the Jewish have seen. as the world seems to play with the idea of a more authoritarian structure the citizens of the structure need to be wary.cause as the past has shown us that with most global monoliths comes alot of death.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The state that should be a nation or religion who needs it

the governerator,visits china while the state of California sits idle with out a budget . is he using his personally money for this international trip or is the state paying for it. Even if he isn't paying for it the populace of California should be outraged. but you aren't and it is infuriating.look around the state California is this how it suppose to be what happen to the ideal or mythos of the warm west coast carefree and without burden! could the possibility of being part of the united states altered the fabric and culture that once was California. through out  history there has been Mexican culture so why now the recent anti-alien campaigns.the very soul and identity is being striped away from this once lovely, peaceful,and burden free coastal nation by the monolith structure of the United States of America. people  of California please notice that your state is becoming like every other state.lacking in interest and misguided.

Oh boy more crazy Christians have showed up to fight the already ridiculous number of crazy Muslims willing to kill in the name of can more be done to rid the states of religion without violating the constitution? Education, the more one knows it seems less likely they are going to kill each other over a expression of ones spirituality. religion can be and should  be a peace reflection with ones chosen manor of prayer,cause they all seem to pray.maybe more research is needed to find out why we as human find the need to create religions let alone kill one anouther over them.but check this out if you were a crazy christian Islam would seem like it was from the devil or vice versus a foreign Muslim sees Americans planning to burn Korans,infidels so damn be me. we should only hope that we work toward finding away to supplant the hold religion has on the majority to the world.with rationale thought.

Monday, September 13, 2010

War of Mexico

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            so Mexico struggles against a narco-syndicated insurgency and rampant corruption. if we believe we have illegal immigration problems now wait until scores of Mexican refugees start piling over our borders. At least with official refugee status the(the Mexicans) will no longer be illegal and we can stop the growing fear that the melting pot is being over seasoned with illegal ingredients.however for the rising fear of the "American life" being slowly transformed into a Mexican holiday i say we need more holidays and a decisive plan for the very real possibilities of a collapsed state of much for the north American union. anyway as the world gets smaller global criminals get richer and more encourage to carve out  chunks of operating territory where destabilization and fear of local populace allows easier working environment for the seems to me Mexico can't win this war at least if the cartels keep fighting Mexico's only hope is for the cartels to get tired of the violence,which they won't not as long as the Mexican government continues up its campaign against them.

Sunday, September 12, 2010




Saturday, September 11, 2010


With the recent wave of islamophobia in the states and europe or the american anglo empire if you seems prudent to be concern of possible violent outcomes to this specific day. such as increase terriost activity overseas. think yemen or the Somilia, sudan, allgeria you name it.because today is basically a celebration of the jihad. so i say gives the islamo-fascist? there holiday maybe they(imans of alqeida) should issue a edict allowing jihadist to party like westerners. so i say let debachery run amok on september eleventh yahoo!!!!!!!!

so enough about 9/11 let us shift on attention to the crumbling infastucture of the united states. so it doesn't take a rocket sciencitist to see that shit is messed up here in the states stuff seems to be breaking all over our cities are littereally falling apart. yet the populace stays idle with unemployment running at close to ten percent. so why?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

instability continues through the world!
reliance on self preservation becomes a factor.

so this is just a experimental blog, but due to the Orwellian nature of the information age i was able to see that blog 28 received a visit from Canada so with that said lets talk about some Canadian issues,which I'm sure i no very little about.
  1. Quebec, what else needs to be said... well as my last post stated about borders i guess my hands are tied on the issues of Quebec succeeding from Canada and becoming its on for followers of blog 28 i say support efforts to establish a independent Quebec!
  2. the republic of Cascadia: it's just a bit of Canadian territory that lies in this unfilled sovereign country but for the residents of BC the republic of Cascadia offers the only real hope for autonomy.
  3. i guess Canada is pretty great according to the many Canadians i have to the government of Canada i say good work and keep up the good fight.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


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