Friday, April 29, 2011


so the revolts and massacres continue but will this time of instabality create a new nation known as Kurdistan carving a chunk out of Turkey,Iran ,and Iraq? if that happens then maybe we will also see the birth of a independent Baluchistan 

Sunday, April 17, 2011



 Iran starts to pressure U.N. about Saudi intervention in Bahrain's crackdown on shite dissenters.If Iran's concerns falls on deaf ears at the U.N. will the Iranians create a new Hezbollah?and will the arab gulf states predominately Sunni except this.there is already growing animosity between the two. does Iran has the nerve to push this. strategically Iran would be wise to destabilize  Bahrain and increase its influence there  eventually forces out the Americans who have a mighty military presence there.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

the Ivory Coast

 civil war seems to always be on the horizon for the ivory that gbango is gone will there be peace

suspected rebels or forces loyal to Gbango?
     this country looks fucked and both sides seem to really hate other                
which can only lead to more death

pro-Quattara soldier
the French 
will the ivory coast be come peaceful country finally or will it fall into chaos as it has been known to do i wish the people of the ivory coast the best luck.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Map: Impact of Japan tsunami and earthquake -

inside the exclusion zone where evacs have taken place leaving the streets of Mianamisoma deserted 

radioactive debris and sludge
Map: Impact of Japan tsunami and earthquake -

Monday, April 11, 2011

The French Factor

The French Republic finds itself involved in three wars abroad a growing problem with French Muslims a face veil ban (against Muslim culture) oh a secret war against Al-qaeda in the mahgreb, now they are teaming up with Italy to stop refugees coming from free Tunisia and Libya. they are deporting the Roma(quite possible the next people to face the "euro genocide machine " ) so how does all this equate and what are the frogs up to.
wish ii could tell you but i haven't a clue. but i would watch for the ivory coast even if he didn't win the election he only lost by a couple of percents and with the new guy (backed by the French i.e. colonial masters )already be accused of killing countless civilians on the march to presidency. but what i wonder is how is the relationship with Mali and Mauritania and France now that the frogs are bombing Libya. So in conclusion the Frogs are Marching On lets hope they don't get bogged down in the ivory coast since 47 percent still see Gbango as their man,not to mention the fact the u.n. and france have totally violated a country's sovereignty in the ivory coast as for libya whos to tell what is to happen there lets hope the two don't conspire together  and try the rid the world of the U.N.
           for every one who dies by the tyrant hands a ripple emanates through out the people as a thought
 that could of been my friend,
that was my friend,
that could of been my brother or sister
that was my brother or sister
that could of been my husband or wife
that was my husband or wife
that could of been my mother or father
that was my mother or father
that could of been ME 

Friday, April 8, 2011

the ever changing frontline of Libyan War

Pro Qaddafi


Undecided/Still fighting
ras lanuf continues to go back and forth

the west of the country is only thing resembling a front line with fighting there seemingly a ongoing thing.


population density

Libyan pivot irrigation

agriculture in the Sahara desert  

some picture for the day

 So i was originally going to post a picture of ivorian coast rebels but the site wouldn't let me maybe i am being censored because i think it is a u.n. war which should be deemed illegal? so instead here is something else not even sure where this is from oh and check out these cool posters!