Tuesday, August 31, 2010

post 10-1

so this here will be the first post of blog 28; a mesh of contemplative ideas and concepts. not to mention the occasional rantings of a mad man. first thing that needs to be said is there may from time to time be some controversial ideas and concepts,but hey this is just a shitty blog so please don't crash this site. I consider myself a young philosopher and global dreamer and sometimes things strike my imagination such as succession movements and violent cultural struggles and even the mundane everyday stuff about how the world is running so blog 28 promises to be updated intermittently discussing a wide amount of topics today the list will include

  1. the dream of a new failed country
  2. cooperation which we will never see but should?
  3. the bullshit of bipartisanship


So this January there is to be a referendum on the secession of south Sudan.which this blogger is always excited to hear of a new country being made especially in Africa where the borders of imperialist still cause strife and misery. however as excited as ii am for the prospect of a new developing country for the world i have to say there is some concern on how this country will work. for the best part of my understanding south Sudan is basically a ward of the world bank with very few qualified people to run a country and little or no infrastructure thanks to decades of civil war.however there is something to say about splitting up one of the largest shit holes in Africa.the challenges are all there but hopefully south Sudan will be a beacon of stability in the horn of Africa but most likely will be just another African state to be exploited for oil revenues and another dilapidated mess on the dark continent.


there is no question blog 28 holds various contradictory stances on globalization and succession but a global initiative to connect the countries of the world should be created like a intercontinental rail line linking Africa to Europe to Russia to Asia and finally to Alaska down into the remaining Americas. it would be great unfortunately i haven't heard of to many projects taking place with this as the final objective.however there is some interesting projects i have heard about if only a little..

  1. some time ago i had heard about a industrial route from Russia to Alaska.but i haven't heard much of anything about that.
  2. i know china is building a railway system in Angola which will help connect Angola with some of it's neighbors
  3. i also believe i had heard about some new highway being pitch to connect north America to south America


so the united states of America is controlled by a two party system where thesetwo parties compete for influence and the ability to control the greatest country in the world. u.s.a.however recently the populace has been calling for the two parties to be more close to each other which scares the shit out of this blogger i do not and will not support a democracy with only one party.with that said i do however feel that both political parties have let us down and neither one can be much trusted. being a American that scares me.